"I have purchased four pontoon boats this year; the first two were sold within a week of the only time I used them.  The last two are Skykomish Scadden boats.  The are unquestionably the best pontoon boats made.  Further, you can be assured if you have any problems with your boat he will resolve them!!!  His boats are the most stable and secure, period.  I'm 6'2", 245 lbs.  Thank you Dave."  

10 fish, 27lbs. 6 oz.
Freed Leeds, Elko NV

"I keep my Double XX right by the river in the back yard. It is ready to go when the fish move up. It's a great boat!"

Steve Rajeff
Tournament Casting Champion

"Finally a pontoon boat that I would actually own, this new Outlaw pontoon design combined with the standing system is truly remarkable"

Jack Dennis
Author, Lecturer,
Owner of Jack Dennis Sports
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

"I have owned Dave's Skykomish Sunrise for three years. His new Outlaw design is so much better in every way, I'm going to trade up."

Mike Lawson
Author, Lecturer,
Founder of Henry's Fork Angler
Island Park, Idaho

"I want to congratulate you and personally thank you for your contribution to the sport of fly fishing, pontoon boats are an integral part of the sport."

John Randolph Editor, Fly Fishing Magazine

"These fins are the coolest things I've seen in a long time. Finally a full length, full power fin that you can walk in."

Kelly Galloup
Author, Lecturer
Owner of Slide Inn Fly Shop
Madison River, Montana

"Myself and my staff have used Dave's pontoon boats all over Canada for both work on the magazine and filming for tv. They are the best."

Nick Pujic
Editor, Canadian Flyfishing Magazine

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