Outlaw Outfitter XX


Click photo for larger image.  (Shown with optional stripping basket)
When Dave Scadden introduced his new Outlaw Outfitter  it was an instant success with countless guides and outfitters.  Finally a solid high performance pontoon boat that handles flawlessly.  Its ability to navigate technical rock strewn freestone rivers is unrivaled.  Dave’s patented Unitrac pontoon design allows you to literally play in rivers that were considered unsafe previously.  The fully rockered pontoons combined with the full wrap stern simply skates across seam lines, slides silently over rocks, pivots and spins off unexpected boulders.  The Outfitter offers full blown drift boat performance at a fraction of the cost.  It is completely portable and can be flown to every hot fishing destination on the planet.  At the end of the season you simply roll up the pontoons like a sleeping bag, pop the frame apart and stow it on a shelf in your garage.  The Outfitter comes equipped with Dave Scadden’s patented new Lazer X frame with the new Lazer-Lok lean bar locking system.  It also comes with his exclusive I.Q. pocket system, through the frame anchor system, stripping basket, Cobra Light oar locks, oar rights and aircraft aluminum oars.  You can also upgrade to his hot new Power Stroke composite oars for maximum performance.  Of course, the cool by-product of the Outfitter is its ability to transfer into a two person and even one person pontoon boat in minutes.  Its versatility is truly amazing.  The new Outfitter is guiding clients down every major watershed on the planet....it is ready to guide you down yours.


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