Outlaw Avenger X

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The name Outlaw Avenger has become a household name to any hardcore angler.  It has become the boat that all other pontoon boats are compared to. It has been an unfair comparison.  The Outlaw Avenger has set the bar so high that other boats don’t even come close.  Dave Scadden’s Unitrac pontoons coupled with his Lazer X frame system take performance levels off the chart.  Exclusive features like quad chamber bladderless technology Unitrac 18 inch diameter pontoons make the boat super safe and ultra high performance.  Dave’s Lazer-Lok lean bar system makes it easier than ever to stand up and sit down.  The added security of the solidly locked lean bar lets you concentrate fully on the fish, not staying on your boat in rough water.  Of course, it simply unlocks with the touch of a finger and deploys out of the way when not in use.  Dave’s exclusive Cobra-lite oarlocks come standard and allow you the ability to row the boat while sitting or standing.  They allow full rotation and can be manipulated around the lean bar even when it is locked in place.  Over the past few years Dave has developed techniques for standing while floating rivers.  The Lazer-Lok and Cobralite oarlocks make this technique easier and safer than ever.  Dave highly recommends the upgrade to his new Powerstroke carbon oars on the Avenger XX.  Their new directional floating blades and full flex shafts propel the Avenger through the water at speeds that will shock you.  Of course, the one big by-product of the Outlaw Avenger is its ability to run switch stance with power on the back.  Dave developed an incredible new accessory transom system that integrates directly into the Avenger’s Lazer X frame.  A 1/4 inch 6061T65 aluminum transom plate hangs off the back of the rear deck.  Two aircraft aluminum torsion bars run from the transom directly into the rear of the frame effectively tying the entire frame together.  This new transom system will handle motors more efficiently than ever.  All of a sudden you can take your new Avenger out on big impoundments and cover a lot of water in a hurry. Just imagine launching your new Avenger on a big reservoir and running up-lake to a secluded bay.  Once you arrive, kick up your motor, slip on your fins and stealthily fin your way around the bay...away from crowds and away from the office.  The Avenger is Dave Scadden’s boat of choice for good reason.  It can handle any conditions that come at him from Class V whitewater to four foot whitecaps.  There is never any doubt...point the Avenger where you want to go...and hang on!  You’re in for the ride of your life!  
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