Find Your Perfect Boat

Frameless Front Entry

Escape: Hottest float tube on the planet. Bladderless technology, integrated oar system, class III whitewater rating. Lightweight and portable. 1 person use.

Renegade: Number one pontoon boat on the market. Plenty of arm room and room for gear. Big capacity yet lightweight and portable. 1 person use.

Rampage: Highest performance front entry pontoon boat on the market. Sleek and fast with huge capacity for extended trips with gear, yet lightweight and portable. 1 person use.

Challenger: Extreme versatility in a lightweight high performance package. Can be used frameless or add our two person frame for two and three person use.

Excalibur: High performance front entry two person capacity in a lightweight portable package. Ideal for RV use!

Frameless Enclosed Hull

Assault Ultra Lite: A full size 9 foot Assault with a hull weight of less than 15 pounds and has our integrated oar system. Fits in a day pack backpack...amazing!

Assault: High performance fully rockered hull design in a lightweight one person package. Rugged enough for the toughest whitewater.

Assault XX: Extreme performance one and two person capability. A fully rockered hull with integrated oar system. Stable enough to stand up paddle (S.U.P.). Ideal for sight fishing!

Assault XXX: A full size full capacity three person boat with a hull weight less than 50 pounds. Unbelievable! Can be used 1 person, 2 person or 3 person.

One Person Framed Models

Skykomish Sunrise H2O: The new H2O has bladderless technology and our patented Lazer-Lok standing system frame, making it the most sophisticated traditional double pontoon boat on the market.

Outlaw X5: The Outlaw X5 offers our patented Unitrac pontoon system and our patented Lazer-Lok frame system making it the highest performance one person pontoon boat on the market!

Outlaw Avenger: The Avenger offers our patented Unitrac pontoon system and Lazer-Lok frame coupled with 12 foot pontoons for extreme capacity and outboard motor capability.

Two Person Framed Models

Avenger XX: The Avenger XX is the highest performance two person framed boat on the market. Patented Lazer-Lok frame and Unitrac pontoons combined offer superior two person performance.

Challenger XX: The Challenger XX is two boats in one. A lightweight frameless boat or strap on our Lazer-Lok frame for superior two person performance and outboard motor capability with one person.

Outfitter XX: The Outfitter XX offers extreme performance for two people and is the ideal choice for two people with an outboard motor on the back.

Three Person Framed Models

Challenger XXX: The Challenger XXX is three boats in one. One person frameless, two person framed plus the ability to handle three people with the jump seat on the back!

Outfitter XXX: The Outfitter XXX is a full functioning three person drift boat but can also be used as a one person, two person and three person boat.

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