Outlaw Challenger XX

Click photo for larger image.  (Shown with optional composite oar and stripping basket)
Dave Scadden’s Outlaw Challenger XX takes pontoon boat versatility to an unfanthomable level.  It’s hard to comprehend all of the ways the XX can be set up for specific situations.  Imagine a single boat that can be set up frameless for one person, two adults or two adults and two children.  Add a single Lazer X frame and you have a one person boat with Dave’s exclusive Lazer-Lok standing system and room for 1,000 pounds of gear or an additional person. Now add the front section of the XX frame and you have a two person boat with front and rear standing capability.  Slide the frame forward and you have a full blown three person boat with standing capability front and rear.  Of course you can reverse the frames, add power and run  the XX Zodiac style.  Unbelievable! The Outlaw Challenger XX truly takes pontoon boat versatility to an incomprehensible level.  This boat is off the charts!  The Challenger comes with all of  the exclusive patented features that have made Dave Scadden’s boats legendary.  The hot Lazer-Lok frame, I.Q. pocket system, Power Stroke directional floating blade composite oars, through the frame anchor system, Cobra Lite oar locks with oar rights and stripping basket all come standard.  Yes...this boat is loaded.  The XX will rise to any occasion from backpacking it in to remote high mountain lakes as a 46 pound frameless kickboat to floating your favorite tailwater with a couple of buddies to running class V rapids.  The new Challenger XX will do anything you can dream up and come back begging for more.  It is the ultimate pontoon boat, the real deal, the genuine article, the no holds barred real McCoy.  It is the pontoon boat of tomorrow and you can have it today!  
Click here to watch this boat in action!


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