Outlaw Escape


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Dave Scadden is known around the world for producing the finest quality pontoon boats in the industry.  Dave set his sights on building the ultimate float tube.  He took the legendary Outlaw Renegade design and incorporated it into a portable, light-weight high performance float tube.  Make no mistake this is not just another float tube.  There has never been a float tube like it. Matter of fact, it is so advanced that it has already been dubbed a super high performance,  compact pontoon boat.  Sophisticated heat welded bladderless technology combined with Dave’s patented fully rockered, front entry Unitrac pontoon design has evolved the most amazing float tube ever made.  Dave didn’t stop there...he installed his trick rack and pinion fully integrated oar system complete with Liquiforce oars to seal the deal.  Add his multi-functional I.Q. pocket system, a 600 pound capacity and class III whitewater rating and you have the most awesome float tube known to man.  The minute you sit down in the cockpit of the new Escape you will know that it is different than any tube ever made.  It is spacious, stable and solid.  You will know instantly this is no cheap blow up toy.  This is the real deal.  It exudes confidence, begs you to push the limits and answers the call with no nonsense solid performance.  You are no longer resigned to the use of fins.  Within three strokes of the oars you will feel an uncontrollable grin spread across your face.  Dave’s new tube simply begs you.....to Escape!  
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