Dragonfly XT Assault Craft

Introducing Dave Scadden's amazing new 2015 Dragonfly XT Assault Craft.   It can be set up one person frameless, two person frameless or decked out to the moon with Dave's new Dragonfly travel frame.  It is super lightweight and portable yet offers performance levels never before achieved in the inflatable world.  The best part about it is the fact that at the end of the day, it slides into the back of a pickup truck.  The new Dragonfly XT is so outrageously tricked out that there are just too many cool gadgets to list.  You gotta watch the videos and be prepared to be blown away!  

Click here for video.

Dragonfly 1 person frameless:

Retail:  $2,500.00

Show Season Special:

Dragonfly 2 person frameless:
Retail:  $2,800.00

Show Season Special:  $1,999.00

Dragonfly XT Assault
Craft Pro Package:

Retail $3,900.00

Show Season Special:

All Dragonfly models are bladderless, miterless and fully rockered with rigid dropstitch technology removable self-bailing floor systems.  They are rated for Class V whitewater, 1,500 lb. capacity and are backed by our exclusive unconditional lifetime warranty.

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