Assault Drifter


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Dave's new 2014 Assault Drifter takes drift boat performance to a whole new level. Simply put the newest member to the Assault line has the lightweight and portability of a raft and the performance attributes of a drift boat.  It weighs in less than 89 lbs. and can be rolled up and transported in the trunk of a compact car or checked on an airplane. With its exclusive frameless design it can be unrolled and inflated in less than five minutes. Its low profile fully rockered, miterless, self bailing hull design is only half the story. Dave engineered a super high tech rigid inflatable insert that slips into the floor of the boat to add additional rigidity to the hull and also keeps your feet completely dry. The buoyancy and rigidity offered by his revolutionary Air-Tech insert allows the new Assault Drifter to skate across the surface of the water with astounding ease and efficiency... There is not another raft, drift boat or skiff on the market that can rival the performance of the new Assault Drifter. It comes equipped with Dave's exclusive compartmentalized cargo boxes and integrated EVA foam seats in every seat station. They offer a comfortable elevated seating position for superior visibility. Dave's proven rack & pinion oar system is complimented by his 2 piece 6061 T6 aircraft aluminum oars. With 3 full size adults the Assault Drifter displaces less than 2 inches of water which allows it to skate with reckless abandon. This thing is a blast to row.  
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