Outlaw X5


Click photo for larger view.  (Shown with optional composite oars and hot lime frame)
The Outlaw X5 has captured the hearts of thousands of anglers over the years.  Successfully merging our technically advanced bladderless technology pontoons  with Dave Scadden’s exclusive Aqua -Lok standing system frame was a marriage that sent many anglers to the altar.  It changed the way they fished forever.  Completely redesigned the Outlaw X5 has six different patented features.  The hottest pontoon boat on the market just got even hotter. The Unitrac pontoons offer even better wind resistance and enhanced tractability.  Of course the ability to run the X5 as a front entry pontoon boat one minute and switch stance like a  Zodiac style the next offers unbelievable versatility.  The X5 is equipped with Dave’s  Lazer X frame.  It takes his hugely popular standing system to the next level.  The Lazer X has a 30% larger standing platform, 30% larger rear deck, super solid integrated footrest, thru the frame anchor system and Dave’s hot Lazer-Lok lean bar locking system.  The lean bar Lazer-Lok integrates into the standing platform and is easily deployed locking the lean bar solidly into place, the lean bar doesn’t move.  All of a sudden standing up and sitting down on the X5 is easier than ever.  If you lose your balance, the lean bar is there to catch you.  When you want to sit down to use your oars or fins, Dave’s exclusive Aqua-Lok standing system disappears.  The lean bar rotates over your head and rests on the rear of the boat.  Being integrated with the sliding standing platform, it too slides effortlessly under your set completely out of the way.  Dave Scadden’s standing system frame has proven to be the biggest hit in the fishing world since....well the advent of his first rocker hulled pontoon boat.   The Outlaw X5 takes the standing concept to a whole new level offering better stability, tractability and maneuverability.  It is the kind of performance that poled us across the flats of Turks and Caicos in the Bahamas for trophy class bonefish. It scoots us up and down the South Fork of the Snake River with an 8hp Yamaha on the back.  It is the kind of performance that took us down the John Day River, standing up the whole way down, sight fishing to huge smallmouth.  The performance levels set by this boat have been truly astounding.  The X5 has changed the way thousands of anglers fish.  It will change the way you fish too!  
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