Dave Scadden's Outlaw Renegade

Click photo for larger image.  (Shown with optional anchor system)
The boat that started the revolution!  The Outlaw Renegade is the boat that started it all.  The Renegade not only brought heat welded bladderless Unitrac pontoon technology to the pontoon boat world, most importantly it brought simplicity. Simplicity without sacrificing performance.  In its short lifetime Dave Scadden’s Outlaw Renegade has laid down an impressive record. It has bagged a first descent in  Alaska. Conquered a number of class IV and class V whitewater rivers.  It has quickly become the boat of choice for off piste northwest steelheaders and fly-in wilderness destination junkies.  It has tamed the four foot whitecaps of every major western impoundment on the map.  There is no question that the Outlaw Renegade has changed the way we fish.  By virtue of its technologically advanced yet simplistic design, it is the boat that is always there for you. Its  in the back seat of your truck, the trunk of you car, in the tail of a Dehaviland Beaver and has found its way into the baggage compartment of every major airline on the planet.  When your destination is reached, it inflates in less than one minute with an LVM pump and less than three minutes with a hand pump...and that’s it.  You throw it in the water, sit down on the F16 seat, hit the oars and get lost.  There is no assembly...no frame, no springer clips, no cam straps, no nuts and bolts....most of all, no hassles.  The Outlaw Renegade is a full size, full capacity, front entry pontoon boat with a huge 800 pound capacity, class V whitewater rating and exclusive bladderless technology pontoons that fits into an airline specific travel bag that is the size of a standard suitcase.  It has quickly become the go-to boat for hard-core professional anglers around the world.  People  that demand the best.  People  like you.  The Outlaw Renegade will be your next boat!  
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