Dave Scadden's Outlaw Avenger XX


Click photo for larger image.  (Shown with optional stripping basket)
When we introduced the Outlaw Avenger XX,  for the first time in our history a two person boat eclipsed the sales of our one person boats.  It is little wonder.  The added buoyancy of the Avengers 18 inch diameter pontoons combined with Dave Scadden’s Unitrac pontoon design has produced a pontoon boat of epic proportions.  The new Outlaw Avenger rips.  It excels in every category of performance from the huge whitewater steelhead rivers of the northwest to the redfish flats of the Carolinas.  In reality the Avenger XX found its home to most anglers drifting the countless tailwaters that dot the map.  It is the perfect boat for a couple of fishin’ buddies, husband and wife, a guide boat and a Grandpa with his favorite grandchild.  The Avenger XX is loaded with all of the trick features that Dave Scadden’s boats are famous for.  It comes with Dave’s hot new Lazer XX frame with his new Lazer-lok lean bar system.  His new mega rear deck holds tons of gear.  The thru the frame anchor system can handle a 3/8 inch rope and our new double depth charge 20 pound anchor for intense stopping power.  The most impressive feature of the new Avenger XX is its handling.  The tractability achieved by the Unitrac pontoons is simply astounding.  Their ability to transition seam lines in heavy flow rivers is equally as amazing.  We always love the calls from customers that have sold their drift boats to buy an Avenger XX.  They always comment how effortless it is to row, how quick it handles and how it literally ravages big water conditions.  Comparisons to Porsche, Corvette and Ferrari always enter the conversation.  The coolest by-product of the Outlaw Avenger XX  is its ability to magically transform into the highest performance one person pontoon boat on the market. That’s right...simply pop two springer clips, slide off the front frame section then reattach a few cam straps and there you have it. Dave Scadden's boat of choice for the most demanding water on the planet.  
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