Dakota Pro High Volume SUP


Click photo for larger image.  (6" model shown)
Dave Scadden's Dakota Pro High Volume series SUP boards raise the bar on inflatable Stand up Paddle Boards. Finally! Super high performance SUP boards that are light weight and more important ...portable. No longer are roof racks and tie downs necessary to get your board to the water. No longer are you stuck with inferior performance because your board is inflatable.  Dave's exclusive multi laminate technology offers rigidity and durability never before achieved in an inflatable. Combined with Dave's sophisticated rockered hull designs the new Dakota boards exude performance.  Whether you are into ocean waves, class III whitewater, Yoga or chillin' with friends on a high mountain lake, the new Dakota boards will do it with style and confidence. Dave has designed boards specific to each discipline so find the board that is most suited to your needs and go get lost on the water!  Available in 4" up to 200 lbs. or 6" over 200 lbs.


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