New 2015 Outlaw Fuzion DST

Click photo to enlarge image.  Shown with optional motor mount.
Dave's new Fuzion DST is the most anticipated pontoon boat of the decade. It is so futuristic and high performance in its design that it literally defies description. The new DST intregrates the fully rockered Unitrac hull design of Dave's legendary Outlaw series and the high tech multi laminate, low profile technology of his high performance Stand up Paddle boards. The Fusion of these two technologies has produced a boat that takes light weight, low profile, and versatility to the next level. The new Fuzion can be operated with fins, oars, stand up paddle or motor. Its exclusive integrated motor mount system is complimented by three detachable fins that keep it tracking straight as an arrow. With the use of Dave's compartmentalized cargo box system the motor can be operated from the rear pushing forward or you can sit in the reverse position with the tiller right in your lap pulling you forward like a front control motor on a Bass boat. Of course the stability of this boat is unmatched. You can stand  and sight fish with confidence. Obviously the greatest trait of the new Fuzion is it's super low profile design. The wind does not affect this boat. Unlike conventional pontoon boats with large diameter pontoons the Fuzion has less than 6 " of exposure. If you want the highest performance pontoon boat on the market and "one up" your buddy at the same time the Fuzion is the boat for you. Unconditional lifetime warranty. 

Click here to watch this boat in action.


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