Fuzion F1 - 2016

Dave Scadden's new Fuzion F1 takes the framed pontoon craft concept to the next level.  The new Fuzion F1 incorporates the revolutionary low profile, lightweight, high performance Fuzion hull and integrates it with Dave's new Dragonfly frame.  The result is an incredible package that is actually 3 boats in one!  The new F1 can be set up to operate as a front entry boat designed for front entry and fin use.  The frame can then be reversed offering a stable platform to stand and sight fish.  The integrated lean bar gives you a solid support system plus superior line control with the addition of Dave's suspended stripping basket.  Of course the frame can be removed completely and the Fuzion transforms to the futuristic boat that has made it the talk of the industry.


Retail:  $2,499.00

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