About Dave Scadden

Dave Scadden has been a driving force in the inflatables world for over 25 years.  Literally inventing the inflatable pontoon fishing craft concept and selling thousands of boats worldwide.  He has lead the industry in boat design and function from its inception.

Several years ago, stand up paddle boards caught his attention.  With a long history of snowboarding Utah's legendary powdered slopes, he was intrigued with the parallels.  After all, snowboarding all winter then boarding all summer on the lakes and rivers created by spring run-off only made sense.  What even made more sense was integrating the same sophisticated design that powered high performance snowboards into stand up paddle boards.

It was a marriage made in heaven.  Dave's new SUP boards integrate the highest quality inflatable technologies in the world with technically advanced and meticulously shaped boards that take performance to the next level.  The new North Fork Boardworx boards are portable, lightweight and backed by the only unconditional lifetime warranty on the planet.  Just what you would expect from Dave Scadden.