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Summer Sale

It's time to hit the water! Here's your chance to get what you've been waiting for and save hundreds of dollars.
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Mike Andreasen Special Limited Edition

The new 2014 Mike Andreasen Special is a hard core, no nonsense boat that excels on still water and whitewater alike. Weighing in at an astounding 34lbs. it is one of the lightest framed boats on the market. It incorporates our exclusive patented Unitrac hull and Lazer X frame and is covered by our unconditional lifetime warranty! It is 8'6" in length and 52" in width and boasts an 800 lb. capacity.

Summer Sale: $999.00
Retail: $1,800.00

Check out the video here to watch this boat in action!

Dave Scadden's Exclusive Frameless Revolution
Bimini Twist

Dave's new Bimini Twist offers the performance of a carbon fiber SUP board with the convenience and portability of an inflatable. With a 600 lb. capacity and a class V whitewater rating the new Bimini is your passport to more fun than you can stand! *See products catalog here for full details.

Summer Sale Package Special: Includes board, paddle and pump
Retail: $1,600.00
Summer Sale: $899.00

Board only: $799.00

Check out the video here to watch this board in action!

Assault XX

Dave Scadden's new Assault XX sets a new standard for frameless pontoon boat performance. Weighing in under 36 lbs. and boasting a weight capacity of 1,500 lbs. with a class V whitewater rating, it definitely exudes performance. It is one of the highest performance one-person boats Dave has ever designed but best of all excels as a two- person boat. The coolest part about the new XX is the fact that it easily slips into an airline specific travel bag at the end of the day and comes out of the bag the next morning ready to go under three minutes. No assembly required. Check out our latest video to see the hottest new boat on the market!

One person:
Retail: $2,800.00 Summer Sale: $1,599.99

Two person:
Retail: $3,000.00 Summer Sale: $1,799.99

Three person:
Retail: $3,400.00 Summer Sale: $2,199.99

Outlaw Assault

Our new highly anticipated Outlaw Assault offers our exclusive fully rockered, miterless and eliptically designed hull for superior performance. The new Assault boasts a Class V whitewater rating combined with the fastest hull design in the industry. It simply skates across the water. Stable enough to stand up and sight fish yet compact enough to fit in a standard size suitcase. The new Assault weighs in at an unbelievable 23 lbs!

Retail: $2,000.00 Summer Sale: $1,199.00

Outlaw Excalibur

Finally a 2 person frameless pontoon boat that fits in a 48x20x10 travel bag and weighs only 44 lbs. The new Excalibur comes out of a travel bag and is ready to go in less than 5 minutes. There is no assembly required. The best part about the Excalibur is the fact that it works extremely well as a 1 person boat and can be operated with a pair of fins!

Retail: $3,000.00 Summer Sale: $1,899.00

Outlaw Escape

Is it a float tube or a compact pontoon boat? You decide. One thing for sure it is the hottest, most talked about boat ever made. This thing rips!

Retail: $999.99 Summer Sale: $699.99

*Only 22 lbs., bladderless technology and integrated oar system...unbelievable!

Outlaw Renegade

The boat that started a revolution. The Outlaw Renegade has a number of upgrades that make one of the hottest boats on the market even hotter!

*Shown with optional anchor system.

Retail: $1,600.00 Summer Sale: $999.99

Outlaw Rampage

Dave Scadden's personal favorite. The Rampage is a full size 10 ft., full capacity 1,300 lbs. frameless pontoon craft that can be inflated and in the water in less than three minutes. Simplify your life. The Rampage makes pontoon boat fishing easy without sacrificing performance!

*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,200.00 Summer Sale: $1,599.99

Outlaw Challenger

Finally! A full size frameless boat that has room and capacity for two people. The versatility of this boat is unbelievable!

*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,500.00 Summer Sale: $1,799.99

Dave Scadden's Lazer-Lok Frame
Madison River

The Madison River incorporates Dave's exclusive Lazer-Lok frame. You can stand up and sight fish or sit down and maneuver your boat with fins in seconds. This boat has five different patented features making it the hottest 9 foot framed boat on the market.

Retail: $1,700.00 Summer Sale: $899.00

Outlaw Avenger

Dave Scadden's Framed boat of choice. The Outlaw Avenger is the ultimate 1 person boat. Equipped with Dave's exclusive Lazer-Lok frame, the Avenger exudes performance. You can stand up and sight fish or sit down and use fins. Reverse the frame and run an outboard motor or add a front frame section and you have the finest 2 person framed boat on the market. Wow!!

Retail: $2,800.00 Summer Sale: $1,899.00

Outlaw Challenger XXX

Dave's Outlaw Challenger XXX gives you unmatched versatility. It can be used as a lightweight 1 person boat or add his exclusive Lazer-Lok XX frame from a 2 person performance. Attach the EVA seat to the stern of the boat and you have a full-blown 3 person drift boat. Switch the frame around and you have a zodiac style boat with a motor on back....unbelievable!

Retail: $3,500.00 Summer Sale: $2,699.00

Outlaw Outfitter

The Outlaw Outfitter brings drift boat performance to the pontoon boat world. Dave's exclusive Unitrac hull design offers drift boat skateability for superior performance, yet weighs a fraction of the weight. The best part about the Outfitter is the fact it can be set up 1 person, 2 person and 3 person in minutes.

Retail: $3,400.00 Summer Sale: $2,699.00

Outlaw X5

The Outlaw X5 continues to lead the industry with seven exclusive patented features. The combination of Unitrac technology and Dave's Lazer-Lok standing system frame make it the most coveted framed boat on the market.

*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,600.00 Summer Sale: $1,599.99

Outlaw Avenger XX

Dave's Avenger XX is equipped with his Lazer-Lok frame with its huge sliding standing platform and locking lean bar system. The best just got better!

Retail: $3,200.00 Summer Sale: $2,299.99

Skykomish Sunrise ST

The Skykomish Sunrise leads the industry with quality and value. It comes equipped with Dave's Lazer-Lok frame!

Retail: $1,700.00 Summer Sale: $999.99

McKenzie Drifter ST

The McKenzie Drifter comes equipped with Dave's Lazer-Lok frame making it the most technically advanced double pontoon two person boat on the market!

Retail: $2,400.00 Summer Sale: $1,999.99

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