Top 30 Reasons to buy a
Dave Scadden Signature Series Pontoon Boat

1. Patented Aqua-Lok sliding standing platform.

2. Patented Aqua-Lok articulating lean bar system.

3. Patented reciever hitch for quick deployment of our exclusive E-Z transport wheel system and straight track keel.

4. E-Tec bladderless technology completely heat welded pontoons...the only ones in the industry.

5. I-Tec pure urethane internal bladder technology heat welded pontoons. Finest bladder system pontoons in the industry.

6. Genuine Alcoa 6061 T6 aluminum frames. The only ones in the industry.

7. Exclusive Dave Scadden sliding seat system for infinite adjustability.

8. Exclusive Dave Scadden thru-the-frame anchor system with genuine machined Delrin pulley wheels.

9. Dave Scadden's X5 frame. The most portable, light weight, high performance frame in the industry.

10. Dave Scadden's X6 frame. Hard core performance for big guys, big water and big fish.

11. Stainless steel foot rests designed for anglers wearing studded wading shoes.

12. Genuine diamond plate rear decks. Huge capacity yet super light weight. Largest capacity rear decks in the industry.

13. Built in motor mounts, built right into every rear deck system.

14. Contoured side pockets. The only side pocket in the industry that actually contour to your pontoons for a no slip perfect fit.

15. Fully insulated side pockets that double as built-in ice chests for drinks and lunch.

16. Easy access side pockets with double zipper entrance capability.

17. Built in padded rod holders that securely hold two rods per side. Built right into our exclusive pockets.

18. Six built in tippet dispensers. Dispense tippet quickly and easily.

19. Pure naval bronze oar locks. Will not break like their cheap brass imitations. Genuine Teflon oar lock sleeves, smooth, durable and quiet.

20. Genuine oar rights keep your oars in an upright position at all times.

21. Premium 6061 Aluminum oars. Tough yet light weight.

22. Hybrid high tech kayak paddle blades with composite shaft high performance oars. The toughest, lightest, most technolically advanced oars in the industry.

23. Mini drift boat anchors hold you in the current, but are easy to retrieve.

24. Exclusive chain anchors allow you to drift in full control.

25. Finest padded seat system in the industry. Extreme comfort yet super light weight.

26. Most technically advanced float tube on the market. Our patent pending Freestyle H3 float tube is the only Class II-III white water rated float tube on the planet. It exemplifies our commitment to cutting edge technology.

27. Our new Freestyle H3 is the most portable white water grade pontoon boat in the industry. It fits into a piece of carry on luggage that fits in the overhead of a jet!

28. Best warranties in the industry. Fifteen years on all I-Tec equipped boats and lifetime on E-Tec bladderless technology boats.

29. Best customer service on the planet. Our customers come first. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 priority.

30. The most knowledgeable staff on earth. Dave Scadden heads up a team of the top professionals in the sport. Our design team consists of six of the most noted pros in the pontoon boat industry. Collectively our designers total well over 100 years of experience in building pontoon boats. Our production team totals over 42 dedicated staff members that take pride in their work and believe that quality is job number one. We ship our boats around the world to demanding customers who believe that made in the U.S.A. is the best there is.