Northwest Express H2: Retail: $2,400.00 SALE: $1,799.00

Unprecedented Sale! Now is your chance to take advantage of our exclusive bladderless technology. This has been Dave Scadden's favorite boat for years with its large capacity, high performance hull, yet super lightweight and big water capacity. It is truly one of the most sought after boats on the market. Refer to our online catalog for more details on this hot package. Retails for $2,400.00 Limited time offer and limited to units on hand $1,799.00. Comes complete with powdercoated rear deck and lean bar.

Skykomish Sunrise ST: Retail $1,700.00 SALE: $999.00

New for 2008 the Skykomish comes with 30% heavier outer shell and bladder material to make it tougher than ever. It also has a powder coated oversized rear deck (not shown) to eliminate any aluminum discoloration transfer to your pontoons

Madison River ST: Retail $1,500.00 SALE: $899.00
The 2008 Madison River ST offers all of the revolutionary features as its big brother the Skykomish Sunrise ST. Please reference the side-bar above.

The Madison offers a lightweight, easy to maneuver package that is ideal for anglers weighing less than 200 lbs. It has taken the popular 9 foot length and given it features that are unheard of in our industry.

McKenzie Drifter ST: Retail: $2,200.00 SALE: $1,599.00
The Mckenzie Drifter ST gives you complete versatility in a lightweight portable package. It can be set up for either one person or two persons. Simply pop two springer clips and 6 cam straps and the modular front frame detaches. Then move the rowers section of the frame forward and refasten the straps. In less than ten minutes you can have the best of both worlds.

Like the Skykomish Sunrise ST and Madison River ST the McKenzie is completely American made with the finest components in the industry. Its high grade fabrication keeps its overall weight virtually half that of a comparable two person boat. Weighing in at a mere 82 pounds allows you to pick it up and carry it to the water with ease. This boat is lithe and nimble on the water, making it a joy to row.

Freestyle H3: Retail: $600.00 SALE: $325.00
The Freestyle H3 is the first float tube ever designed for both still water and moving water application. Its fully rockered pontoon design offers superior handling and stability for Class II whitewater or three foot whitecaps on wind swept western impoundments.

New for 2008 the Freestyle is made with whitewater material on both the bottom and top making it the toughest yet highest performance float tube in the industry. The quality doesn't stop there. The Freestyle H3 is equipped with U.S. made pure urethane bladders and genuine Halkey Roberts valves. Weighing in at a mere 13 pounds and completely suspended on four air chambers, it is extremely portable and ready for your next adventure on the water.

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