The Outlaw Uni-Trac Pontoon Advantage

Trackability, Speed, Rigidity, Handling, Weight Capacity, Wind Capability, Stability, Ease of Assembly

 “The revolutionary new Outlaw pontoon boats could quite possibly replace every conventional pontoon boat on the market.”  Quite a bold statement.  Especially when you consider that it was made by one of the most recognized authorities in the pontoon boat world, Dave Scadden.  After all, Dave has been committed to pontoon boat performance since his first designs emerged 20 years ago. Utilizing sophisticated new heat welding technologies, Dave has engineered a pontoon design that definitely takes the sport to a whole new level.  

The Outlaw story begins with the outrageous new Outlaw pontoon design.  The Outlaw incorporates Dave’s exclusive Aqua-lok standing system frame and his new Uni-Trac pontoons.  The Uni-Trac is a fully rockered hull design that joins both pontoons in the rear for superior rigidity.  The result is a “V” hull effect on the water that simply skates across the surface with no resistance.  All of a sudden ferrying across major rivers is a snap.  The Uni-Trac hull glides across multiple seam lines effortlessly.  The same effect can be felt on wind-blown, white-capped western impoundments.  The aerodynamic full wrap low profile stern of the Outlaw deflects the wind making the Outlaw the most capable design ever developed for windy conditions.  The nice by-product of this design is you won’t have big whitecaps breaking down your neck.  They are blocked by the Outlaw’s full wrap stern.

Superior tractability is achieved by the “V” hull effect created by the Uni-Trac pontoon design.  When rowing backwards the Uni-Trac hull is as efficient as the  “V” hull of a boat, channeling water uniformly away from the hull.  Straight-line performance and speed across the water are greatly enhanced by this unique design.  The same effect is felt when using a motor.  Simply drop your motor into the motor well and you will instantly feel the tractability created by the Uni-Trac hull.  When applying the throttle, you will feel the boat rock right back on the full wrap stern and your boat will instantly level off and plane out with authority.      

The speed achieved by the Outlaw is astounding.  Instead of having two pontoons doing their own thing, the Outlaw’s unique hull channels the energy.  You will feel this energy at work whether rowing against heavy river current or across a placid high mountain lake.  The fully rockered hull design combined with its rigid Uni-Trac pontoons allow the Outlaw to handle like a dream.  It simply pivots on its axis making tight technical maneuvers easy.  It is effortless to move this boat around with either fins, oars or motor.

The increased stability achieved by the Outlaw stems from the huge air mass in the stern of the boat.  You literally have the air mass of an additional third pontoon.  No longer will you be “popping a wheelie” if your pontoons are not perfectly centered.  Your boat will sit exactly level on the water while standing on the standing platform, with a mountain of gear on the back deck or while anchored in heavy current. The Outlaw boasts the largest weight capacity of any boat in its class.  The additional air mass created by its Uni-Trac pontoon system allows the Outlaw to carry volumes of extra weight without increasing any significant weight to the actual boat itself. 

Whitewater capability is greatly enhanced with the advent of the Uni-Trac pontoon design. The added buoyancy yet open stern of the outlaw keeps the boat out of trouble in tight situations.                     

The Outlaw is the easiest full-framed pontoon boat ever developed to assemble.  Simply inflate the Uni-Trac pontoons, set your frame on the pontoons and attach six cams straps….that’s it!  No more trying to balance one pontoon while you try to wrangle the other so you can set your frame on them.  No more trying to center your frame, measuring frame to pontoon tip, etc., etc.  No more attaching up to 12 cam straps!

Dave has spent the last 3 years in the research and development of this design. Will the Outlaw indeed replace all other conventional pontoon boats?  The jury is still out on that question, but one thing is certain.  It has captivated the hearts of hundreds of pontoon boat anglers during its introduction on the market.