Dave has done it again! His incredible new 2008 Navigator II rewrites the book on portable pontoon craft design and performance. The Navigator is a true hybrid weighing in at an amazing 18 lbs. that effectively incorporates the best traits of a traditional pontoon boat and high performance float tubes. Unlike other portable boats currently on the market the Navigator rolls lightweight, low profile, front entry, an integrated oar system, rockered hull design, huge capacity and Class IV river capability into one boat. Those of you who have read Dave's book "Fishing Untouched Waters" know that one of his favorite boats of all time was the World Navigator. The two components his old Navigator lacked was ease of entry and a solid lightweight oar system. The new Navigator II covers these bases and much much more. It is literally the pontoon boat of the future.

The Navigator comes in an airline specific backpack travel bag that will accommodate the entire boat, oars, pump, two 4 piece rods, waders, wading shoes and fins. Now you can have all of your equipment in one carefully engineered travel package ready to pick up and go. With all of your equipment intact it should come under the 50 lb. airline weight limit.

Navigator II Specifications
* Length: 9'
* Width: 48"
* Capacity: 700 lbs.
* Frame System: Frameless
* Strap System: Strapless
* Oars: 5' 2 pc.
* Outer shell: Whitewater grade upper and bottom
* Bladder System: Pure Urethane
* Valves: Halkey Roberts
* IQ Pocket system with integrated rod holders, tippet
dispensers, drink holders, insulated to double as coolers.

The Navigator is designed to accommodate our exclusive diamond plate rear deck so an electric motor can be used.