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Airline Specific Boat Bag

Retail: $80.00

Sale: $49.99

Our airline specific boat bag is designed to meet the strict requirements of all major airlines. It is the exact size required to keep it within the standard size limit without incurring additional fees. Boats equipped with our modular X5 frames and our outrageous new Outlaw fit nicely into this bag. Buy two to handle all of your travel needs. You then have ample dry storage for your gear while on your float trip. Equipped with backpack straps for easy carrying.

Oversize Deep Cushion Seat

Retail: $60.00

Sale: $39.99

Here is bolt on comfort to the extreme! A four inch deep seat cushion and high backrest make our deep cushion seat system a dream come true. It is so comfortable you will think you're at home in your Lazy Boy.

Custom Pontoon Craft Net

Retail: $169.99

Sale: $129.99

We designed our custom pontoon craft landing net specifically for our boats. Its specially contoured handle allows you to grasp it down close to the net and use it like a normal landing net. Its extended length lets you land fish while standing up on our Aqua-Lok standing system without even bending over. Its the perfect combination, designed exactly for the way you fish.

Carbon Fiber Wrap Oars

Retail: $400.00

Sale: $199.99

Our carbon fiber wrap directional blade oars rewrite the book on performance oars. We took the superior attributes of high performance kayak blades and incorporated them into a carbon fiber full flex shaft. The result is the hottest oar on the market. No other oar made even comes close to the performance of these oars. You can literally feel the power with every stroke.

Pontoon Craft/Float Tube Stripping Apron

Retail: $50.00

Sale: $29.99

Finally a stripping apron that actually holds your fly line and keeps it from dropping down to tangle in your fins. We use a special foam filled 3 " rim that holds its shape all day. Extra length webbing straps secure it to virtually any pontoon boat or float tube on the market.

Insulated Seat Back Storage

Retail: $60.00

Sale: $39.99

Our exclusive insulated seat back storage system is more than meets the eye. Its large main compartment holds all of your gear with room left over. It is fully insulated and doubles as a cooler. The mesh outer pocket holds your rain coat and also doubles as a rod holder. The built-in side pockets are designed to hold your net for easy access. It can then be detached from your seat and slug over your shoulder while wade fishing your favorite run or riffle.

Quick Release Walking Fins

Retail: $250.00

Sale: $169.99

Our revolutionary quick release walking fins give you the best of both worlds. Stiff reinforced side rails make them the most powerful fins made, yet the soft durometer mid-section make them highly maneuverable. A simple click of a lever magically springs the fin blades into the upright position for easy walking. No more stumbling to the water. Now you can actually walk a gravel bar with your fins on!

Bar Stripping Basket

Retail: $80.00

Sale: $39.99

Our cool new lean bar stripping basket sets a new level of performance for line control. Suspended on a graphite rod it holds its shape all day without the need of straps to hold it in place. A 3 1/2" rim holds an entire fly line in place even in the wind. It can also be attached to your waist for superior line control while wade fishing. Its the best of both worlds.