R 2010 august 2010 july 2010 june 2010 what's happening like iu health on facebook! Follow @iu_health study: taser use can lead to sudden cardiac arrest, death home detail iu health newsroom an iu health release contact kris karol indianapolis – a new study shows an electronic control device (ecd), often referred to as a “taser,” has the capacity to provoke ventricular arrhythmias, sudden cardiac arrest and even death. The device is popular among law enforcement officials who use the weapon to stun suspects by shooting electrified barbs, which deliver an initial 50,000-volt shock. buy cialis The study, which is in monday’s issue of the journal circulation, analyzed eight cases from 2006-2009 where clinically healthy men suffered ecd-induced loss of consciousness and all but one died. The researcher, indiana university health cardiologist dr. Douglas p. Zipes, reviewed police, medical and emergency response records; ecd dataport interrogation; automated external defibrillator information; electrocardiogram strips; depositions and autopsy reports. Previous researchers have not had access to as many materials and cases as zipes. In addition, zipes has a deep background in offering expert advice at trials where ecd use was a key issue. “this study doesn’t say that we should abandon using taser devices, but it does show that users should exercise caution, avoid chest shocks and monitor the person after shock to ensure there are no adverse reactions,” said zipes, also a distinguished professor emeritus of medicine with the krannert institute of cardiology at the indiana university school of medicine. “taser users need to be prepared for the. Click Here To Watch New Video!
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