zithromax online without prescription, cheap zithromax no prescription, buy zithromax without prescriptionOmpletely recover. Other people are reading how to recover from a vaginal laparascopic hysterectomy recovery time for hysterectomy print this article hospital stay women who undergo a vaginal hysterectomy can generally expect to spend one to three days in the hospital. Rest after being released from the hospital, your doctor will generally advise resting for a few weeks. You will need to limit housework, chores and any other strenuous activities during this recovery time. Pain even with a vaginal hysterectomy, you will experience some pain following the procedure. Most doctors will prescribe a pain medication to help make you more comfortable. Bleeding vaginal bleeding following a vaginal hysterectomy is normal. Many women experience this for as long as six weeks following surgery. It should get less heavy over time, eventually fading to a light pink discharge. Signs of trouble as with all surgical procedures, post-surgery complications do happen in rare cases. Notify your doctor if you experience fever or flu-like symptoms, heavier bleeding than during a menstrual perio. New Video! Dave Scadden's SUP "Not Changin' Who I Am"

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