Air Travel Tips
by Dave Scadden

Three years ago I set out to design the most technically advanced pontoon boat on the market. I had three objectives in mind. Complete portability for air travel, easy stand up capability for sight fishing and a class IV-V white water rating for heavy technical rivers. After months of design and development the Skykomish Sunrise finally became a reality. Initial testing quickly proved it to be an engineering feat that exceeded our expectations.

Finally we had a light weight, super stable, big capacity class V white water rated boat that would fit into a standard piece of travel luggage. After all, destination travel is the name of the game in pontoon boat fishing. Having your boat with you and basic skills on tap, the world is now your arena. Our new motto applies....."Have boat, will travel."

A few tips will make air travel a breeze. Your travel bags must be under 64 inches length x width x height. You are allowed two check on bags that must weigh under 50 lbs. each. I personally use two of our wheeled travel duffles which can easily be wheeled through the airport. They measure under the 64 inch limit and eliminate hassles at the ticket counter. I pack the pontoons, frame and two piece mesh rear deck in one duffle and the seat, oars and components in the other. This allows me to keep the seat in one piece packing the components around it. I also pack my three Sage TCR travel rods and Simms G3 waders and shoes into this bag. I then set them on the scale at home to make sure of the weight and away I go.

If you are in a hurry when you reach the airport pull up to the skycap out front and they will check the bags for you.....a five dollar tip is appreciated. It's well worth it. This same travel bag system has also proven to be the ticket for trips to Alaska and Russia where size and weight are key for float plane and helicopter travel. With a little experience you will be able to pack your bags without having to check the scales.

Let the adventure begin!