Dave Scadden's "Click, Click, Boom!" Technique

I have had the privilege of fishing for a living my entire life. I have somehow been able to make a living working in tackle shops, owning four retail fly/tackle shops, guiding and manufacturing pontoon boats over the span of my lifetime. I have been very blessed.

Through those years, I fished the western bass tournament circuit. I took the unconventional approach of fishing the circuit with a fly rod. I had the distinct privilege of fishing with some of the top pros in the nation. It was a wealth of education.

One trick I learned early on was the technique of "clicking bass." This was usually a last resort used to "trigger a strike" when all else failed. Over the years it has become my secret weapon technique for bass, but most notably my go-to technique for big trout. Instead of brass worm weights I generally use tungsten cone heads. I simply slip them up my leader in tandem, then tie my fly on and let them slide down to the hook. This however, is only half of the story.

The most crucial part of this technique is the line and the cast. I use the smallest diameter floating shooting running line on the market. Rio makes the best shooting running line for this technique, but other lines work well too. I then use the "pendulum cast" with a single haul imparted at the release to launch huge casts well over 100 feet if desired. Upon executing the cast, I let the line fly through an "o" ring created by the thumb and index finger on my left hand to maintain control. When done correctly you can produce huge casts that enable you to cover large tracts of water and do so with pinpoint accuracy.