2013 Show Schedule

From January to April we will personally be touring the country showing you our latest pontoon boat models and giving out our new 2013 DVD. Dave and other members of our pro staff will be there to answer your questions. Dates and locations are as follows:

January 4-6: Fly Fishing Show - Denver, Colorado. www.flyfishingshow.com
January 10-13: International Sportsmen's Exposition - Sacramento, California. www.sportsexpos.com
January 11 & 12: Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo - Boise, ID. www.bvffexpo.com
January 17-20: International Sportsmen's Exposition - Denver, Colorado. www.sportsexpos.com
January 18-20: Fly Fishing Show - Marlborough, MA. www.flyfishingshow.com
January 23-27: Washington's Sportsmen's Show - Puyallup, Washington. www.otshows.com
January 25-27: Western Canadian Fly Fishing Expo - Calgary, AB Canada. www.flyfishingevents.com
January 25-27: Fly Fishing Show - Somerset, New Jersey. www.flyfishingshow.com

February 6-10: Pacific Northwest Sportsmen's Show - Portland, Oregon. www.otshows.com
February 9 & 10: Fly Fishing Show - Winston-Salem, NC. www.flyfishingshow.com
February 16 & 17: Fly Fishing Show - Lynnwood (Seattle), WA. www.flyfishingshow.com
February 21-24: International Sportsmen's Exposition - Phoenix, Arizona. www.sportsexpos.com
February 22-24: Fly Fishing Show - Pleasanton, California. www.flyfishingshow.com
February 28 - March 3: International Sportsmen's Exposition - Las Vegas, Nevada. www.sportsexpos.com

March 1-3: British Columbia (BC) Boat & Sportsmen's Show - Tradex, Abbotsford, British Columbia. www.fvtradex.com
March 2 & 3: Fly Fishing Show - Lancaster, PA. www.flyfishingshow.com
March 8 & 9: NW Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo - Albany, Oregon. www.nwexpo.com
March 7-10: Central Oregon Sportsmen's Show - Redmond, Oregon. www.otshows.com
March 14-17: International Sportsmen's Exposition - Salt Lake City, Utah. www.sportsexpos.com
March 28-31: The Great Alaska Sportsman Show - Anchorage, Alaska. www.greatalaskasportsmanshow.com

April: 19-20: East Idaho Fly Tying Expo and Banquest - Idaho Falls, Idaho. www.srcexpo.com

Dave Scadden

Dave Scadden is regarded as the number one authority in the pontoon boat industry. He literally invented the sport over 25 years ago and his designs are reflected in virtually every pontoon boat on the market. Dave's exclusive designs are the product of countless hours of research and development. His passion for fishing and pontoon boats has produced the most innovative and technically advanced line of boats on the water.

Larry Tullis

Larry Tullis is one of the most respected fly fishing authors in the sport. He has authored 8 in-depth fly fishing books including many Amato publications, hugely popular river journals. He has also authored well over 100 magazine articles on the art of fly fishing. His passion for pontoon boats and fly fishing has gained him the notoriety of being one of the top authorities in the sport.

Dick and Sandy Johnson

Dick and Sandy Johnson reside literally on the banks of the Sacramento River in Redding, California. They have held a lifetime passion for fly fishing that has taken them to coveted destinations across the globe. The last seven years they have become immersed in the world of pontoon craft fishing and have quickly become some of the most respected names in the sport. When they are not fishing they are doing pontoon boat test and analysis in their backyard...their home water....the Sacramento.

Bruce Hoskisson

Bruce Hoskisson has been involved in the pontoon boat movement from its inception. He and Dave have been close friends for years and he was one of the first to try some of Dave's original creations. He has hauled those creations all over the planet from Siberia to Chile and everywhere in between. Bruce is one of the top authorities in the sport and is the undisputed king of worldwide travel on pontoon boats.