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Power Stroke Composite Oars. Three times the power of conventional oars. $450.0

Dave's new composite Litespeed oars are super light and ultra high performance. Under 3lbs per pair, they are the lightest oars on the market. $450.00

12 Volt Pump. Inflates your boat instantly. $139.99

Dave's Flip Fins. A full length, full power fin you can walk in. $159.99

Seat Back Storage. Extra storage space that doubles as a cooler. $69.99

Transport Wheel. Effortlessly wheel your boat to the water. $129.99

Lean bar stripping basket with built in tippet dispensers. $79.99

15lb. Star Anchor. Pulls up horizontally, won't drag in the water. $59.99

Double Action Hand Pump. Pumps on the up and down stroke. $49.99

Outlaw Anchor System. Fits all frameless models. $59.99

Rampage Tent System. Works with Challenger also. $79.99

Outlaw Motor Mount. For use with all frameless models. $149.00

Oar Holders. Keep your oars secure when not in use. $69.99

Excalibur under seat storage unit. Extra storage space and raised casting position. $129.00

Universal Stripping Apron. Fits most pontoon boats. 3 inch high foam filled sides for superior line control. $59.99

K200 Pump. Allows for quick inflation while standing up, not bending over. $85.00

EVA injected super support seat for frameless boats. $139.99

Full sized padded boat bag fits all framed one person boats. Two bags fit all two person boats. $139.99

Roller duffel airline specific boat bag. Fits all frameless boats up to and including the Outlaw Rampage. $139.99

Spare oar. A must for extended trips. $59.99

Pontoon patch kit for quick permanent repairs. $19.99

Padded armrests. Fits all framed models. $69.99

Lean bar lock system. Locks your leanbar in place. $49.99

Heavy duty transom for use with all motors over 4 hp. $199.99

Felt sole tuber booties. Use in combination with Dave's flip fins. $59.99

Life vest/fly vest combo. $79.99

High volume air gauge. Made specifically for inflatables. $39.00

Motor brace kit. Reinforce your transom when using gas motors. $49.99