Demo Sales

Now is your chance to take advantage of the lowest prices of the year....demo boats that were used at sports shows and video production. Most are in new condition. Call for demo price quotes on virtually every boat in our line. (801)392-5404. Most units are 50% off retail price. Limited to boats in inventory only. First come, first served!

Just in time for the best fishing of the entire year! Now is your chance to save big money on the hottest pontoon boats on the market. We are clearing out all of the 2010 models to make way for the new 2011 line up that is due in any day. Feel free to call and our knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect boat for your needs. Fall sale is limited to remaining 2010 models in stock. First come, first served. (801)392-5404. Scroll down to see all items!

2010 Outlaw Escape

Is it a float tube or a compact pontoon boat? You decide. One thing for sure it is the hottest, most talked about boat ever made. This thing rips!

Retail: $999.99 Christmas Sale: $699.99

*Only 22 lbs., bladderless technology and integrated oar system...unbelievable!

2010 Outlaw Renegade

The boat that started a revolution. The 2010 Outlaw Renegade has a number of upgrades that make one of the hottest boats on the market even hotter!
*Shown with optional anchor system.

Retail: $1,600.00 Christmas Sale: $999.99

2010 Outlaw Rampage

Dave Scadden's personal favorite. The new Rampage is a full size 10 ft., full capacity 1,300 lbs. frameless pontoon craft that can be inflated and in the water in less than three minutes. Simplify your life. The new Rampage makes pontoon boat fishing easy without sacrificing performance!
*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,200.00 Christmas Sale: $1,599.99

2010 Outlaw Challenger

Finally! A full size frameless boat that has room and capacity for two people. The versatility of this boat is unbelievable!
*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,500.00 Christmas Sale: $1,799.99

Dave Scadden's New Lazer Lok Frame

2010 Outlaw X5

The Outlaw X5 continues to lead the industry with seven exclusive patented features. The combination of Unitrac technology and Dave's new Lazer-Lok standing system frame make it the most coveted framed boat on the market.
*Shown with optional carbon Power Stroke oars.

Retail: $2,600.00 Christmas Sale: $1,799.99

2010 Outlaw Avenger XX

Dave's new Avenger XX is equipped with his new Lazer-Lok frame with its huge sliding standing platform and locking lean bar system. The best just got better!

Retail: $3,200.00 Christmas Sale: $2,499.99

2010 Skykomish Sunrise ST

The Skykomish Sunrise leads the industry with quality and value. New for 2010, it comes equipped with Dave's new Lazer-Lok frame!

Retail: $1,700.00 Christmas Sale: $999.99

2010 McKenzie Drifter ST

New for 2010, the McKenzie Drifter comes equipped with Dave's new Lazer-Lok frame making it the most technically advanced double pontoon, two person boat on the market!

Retail: $2,400.00 Christmas Sale: $1,699.99

Call 801-392-5404 for complete information and to place your order.

Sale limited to supplies on hand